Why Do I Need A Arkansas Accident Report?

Why Do I Need An Accident Report?

Were you involved in a car crash in Arkansas? Whether it was a fender bender in a parking lot or a more serious collision on the highway, you may be wondering what steps to take next. An essential step is obtaining your official Arkansas Crash Report.
Insurance companies almost always ask for this report first when you start a claim. This document provides a clear, detailed look at what happened during the crash. It can be the deciding factor in how much money you get to help with costs like car repairs or medical bills.

The Value of an Arkansas Crash Report

  1. Helps Your Insurance Claim: Having your crash report makes the insurance process smoother. With clear details from an unbiased source, you can prove crucial points like who’s at fault or how severe the damage was.

  2. It’s the Law: Arkansas law states that certain accidents have to be reported. If you don’t, consequences can be tough, like hefty fines, possible jail time, or even losing your driving privileges. Report if:
    • There’s significant damage to property.
    • Anybody involved gets hurt.
    • There’s a fatality.

  3. Evidence: Should you need to go to court or face any disputes, the official crash report acts as a factual record of the incident.
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Questions People Often Ask

While starting a claim is possible without the report, having it makes things much clearer. The report provides solid facts that can make a big difference in the final settlement. Without it, your word might be against the other driver’s, and this could lead to a smaller payout.

Always aim to get the police involved after an accident. They create the official record. If for some reason they don’t show up, gather all the info you can. Jotting down things like the other driver’s license plate, type of car, and even snapping a few photos can be invaluable later.

While it varies, it often takes about ten days post-accident for the report to be finalized. However, sometimes it might be ready sooner, so always check.

Fetching your crash report in person or via mail might have a small fee, especially if you request multiple copies. But, we’ve made it easier for you – you can snag a FREE copy of your report online through our service. No queues, no fuss! Click HERE to get started.

Once you’ve lodged a claim, your insurance company will want to peek at your crash report. It gives them a bird’s-eye view of the accident. They use this info to figure out details like:

  • Who caused the accident.
  • Severity of damages.
  • Any external factors (like bad weather).

Without the report, they’re left guessing. And often, their guess won’t be in your favor. It might lead to a reduced payout or, in some cases, higher monthly premiums.

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