What Is In My Arkansas Accident Report?

If you find yourself in a collision in the Natural State, reaching out to the police to generate an accident report is a crucial first step. In Arkansas, law enforcement is mandated to produce a written crash report if there’s significant property damage, injury, or fatality. This report is then filed with the local law enforcement agency and a copy sent to the Arkansas State Police within the stipulated period.

Obtaining your crash report is essential. It serves as a vital document when you’re dealing with insurance claims or in the event that legal action becomes necessary.

What constitutes an Arkansas crash report?

The Arkansas crash report is a comprehensive document, compiled by a law enforcement official, detailing the specifics of the collision. These officers maintain an objective stance, focusing on factual accuracy in their documentation. Their duties might include:

  • Capturing photos of the accident scene.
  • Interviewing witnesses and recording their contact details.
  • Inspecting vehicular and property damages meticulously.
  • Gathering insurance details from all parties involved.
  • Recreating the accident for a thorough description and visual representation.
  • Speaking with drivers to ascertain fault.
  • Noting environmental and situational factors like weather conditions, road quality, and nearby traffic signals.

Upon finalizing their investigation, the officer files an official crash report with their respective agency, subsequently forwarding a copy to the Arkansas State Police.

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Breakdown of an Arkansas Crash Report:

Identification and General Information:
  • Details like the date and time of the accident.
  • NCIC number associated with the responding agency.
  • Identification details of the reporting officer.
  • Report numbers, including total sheets and traffic units involved.
  • Injury details and potential fatalities.
  • Estimated property damages and accident locale specifics.
  • Comprehensive information about all parties involved.
  • Personal details like names, gender, birth date, and contacts.
  • Driver’s license details.
  • Injury severities, if any.
  • Details about each vehicle, from license plates to make and model.
  • Safety features activated during the collision.
  • Vehicle removal specifics.
  • Relevant insurance details.
  • Data on vehicle occupants apart from the driver.
  • Personal details, injuries, and safety measures adopted.
Other Property Damage:
  • Information on non-vehicular properties damaged during the incident.
Witness Information:
  • Personal and contact details of collision witnesses.

The final portion of the report is where the officer will list all pertinent information regarding their response time and identification, including:

● Date and time the crash was reported
● Date and time the officer was dispatched to the scene.
● Date and time of arrival.
● Date and time the scene was cleared.
● Total road closure time.
● Reporting agency.
● Reporting officer’s name and badge number.

  • A thorough description of damages and accident specifics.
  • A visual representation of the crash, which might include accident measurements, vehicle positions, lane specifics, and much more.
Description of the Crash:
  • A narrative section where the official describes the collision in detail.
Fatal Supplement:
  • A separate form for incidents that resulted in fatalities.
Commercial Vehicle Supplement:
  • An additional form for incidents involving commercial vehicles, such as trucks or buses.
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Being involved in a collision in Arkansas necessitates the possession of your official state-certified crash report. This document is indispensable as you move forward post-accident. From liaising with insurance companies to potentially undertaking legal procedures, your Arkansas crash report is the premier document you must secure.

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